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Interested in a career in vascular surgery? 

Attend Vascular Simulation and Careers event for a full day of exciting hands on workshops with small group teaching from skilled vascular surgeons. Career advice and talks by Professor Alun Davies, Mr Ankur Thapar and Mr Guy Martin. Skills you will develop:

• Making and closing arteriotomy. Used in embolectomy

• Practicing end to end anastomosis, using parachute anastomotic technique. Used in aortic aneurysm repair

• Practicing end-to-side anastomosis, using tie down technique. Used in bypass graft surgery.


ICSS Vascular day simulation prize will be given to the student who impresses a panel of Vascular surgery registrars with their skills during the workshops!


Note: The event is primarily aimed at Senior medical students, FY1 and FY2 doctors.

Thanks for coming!