The National Pan-Disciplinary Conference on

Medical and Surgical Technology 

7th November 2020

Imperial College London


Featuring an incredible line-up of lectures, cutting-edge hands-on workshops and tips for your ventures, this conference cannot be missed!

The Imperial College Surgical Society will once again be proudly hosting the Innovation Conference 2020, this year in collaboration with MedTech Imperial.

Now in its 11th year, this national and pan-disciplinary event consists of inspiring lectures and interactive workshops and tutorials. This year's themes include wearable technologies, surgical robotics, mobile applications and many more topics. Do not miss this opportunity to spend the day exploring the hot topics in medical and surgical technologies!

Innovation Conference 2020 looks to carry the batton during these difficult times.

Prof. Nagy Habib

Nagy Habib is a leading translational researcher on liver cancer and its treatment. He pioneered the first clinical trial in the use of adenovirus and plasmid for the treatment of liver cancer, as well as the use of plasmid gene therapy in hydrodynamic gene delivery.


He is the inventor of, and was the co-author of the first publication about the use of radio frequency devices in livery surgery (Habib 4X), as well as interventional radiology (Habib percutaneous HPB)


Innovating as a medical student


How do I start something new?


At such an early stage, many students find themselves confused by the wealth of opportunities, unsure how to lead a novel project or lacking confidence when thinga don’t go to plan. In this workshop, the team tell the story of founding the Cambridge spoke MedTech Foundation.

case-study approach

Medical Innovations in a global surgery


This workshop aims to explore intersection of surgery and global health, focusing on the role technology and innovation have in management of complex surgical patients in high income countries, as well as challenges the same patients would pose in low income countries.


Miss Gemma James-Smith