The National Pan-Disciplinary Conference on

Medical and Surgical Technology 

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7th November 2020

Imperial College London


Imperial College Surgical Society warmly welcomes you to Innovation Conference 2020. Set in the heart of London, this national and multi-disciplinary event brings together medical, engineering, business and design students to the forefront of medical evolution.

Throughout the day, our distinguished innovators hope to inspire the next generation. We provide opportunities to experience the latest technologies developed in medicine and surgery through specialist workshops, exhibition, prestigious speakers and this years Hackathon.


Innovation Conference 2020 looks to carry the batton during these difficult times. 

Mr Philip Pratt

Hamyln Centre for Robotic Surgery

Philip Pratt.png

Dr Pratt first worked as an analyst at numerous investment banks, before switching to researching image-guided surgery. He has successfully translated new technologies and software into the operating theatre.See how his cutting-edge work is augmenting the surgical view today.


Not sold you yet? Try out the HoloLens at the conference to see augmented reality first hand! 


Starting a Startup


Have an idea for healthcare? Not sure what to do next?


Ben and Luke explains how you can start your start up, using their experiences in their recent venture SOCRATES. Learn how you could transform your idea to revolution healthcare.


Mr Ben Croft and Mr Luke Geoghegan

Director of Enterprise Lab, Founder of SOCRATES

Virtual Reality

Want to experience virtual reality first hand? 


RescapeInnovation are heading up our next workshop, showcasing their work on distraction and exposure therapy. See how virtual reality is changing healthcare


Miss Gemma James-Smith


Point of Care Diagnostics

How do you develop complex medical technologies?

The Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology explains how they are developing revolutionary point-of-care diagnostic tools. With microbiologists, electronic and biomedical engineers, learn about the inter-disciplinary approach need to develop state-of-the-art techonology.

Centre for bio-Inspired Technology



Ready to get innovating yourself?

Delegates will work together to create a solution to a real world challenge in healthcare. After we give you the brief, you're given two hours to develop your ideas and develop a marketing strategy for your product, after which you give a 'Dragon's Den" style pitch to a panel of expert judges. 

The brief will be released at the start of the day, and prizes will be available to the winning team.

Check out our exhibitors stalls during lunch, seeing some of the latest innovations being made




Try on the HoloLens first hand to see how it is being used in surgery

Machine Medicine


See how artificial intelligence and motion tracking can change Parkinson's Disease Management



WearMItt are developing alternate prosthesis for low-income countries, aiming to increase access worldwide.